Reposted from the #literacies chat blog.

Grounded in social semiotics, multimodality provides a framework for considering how people draw on multiple modes of representation when making meaning. From a #literacies perspective, these ‘ways with words semiotic resources’ are situated in broader social and cultural practices that frame and are constituted by social acts of composing and comprehending multimodal texts.

Join Sean Connors, Darren Crovitz, Michael Manderino, and Ryan Rish on Thursday, October 4th at 7 pm EST to discuss how multimodality informs our work with adults and adolescents.

Between now and then, consider the multiple modes at work in the following different kinds of texts. Feel free to remediate them with your own semiotic resources (captions, remixed images, etc.) by adding to the Google Document we will use as a back channel for our #literacies chat. The texts and more information about them appear on the Google Doc.

[youtube] [youtube] [youtube]

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