I’m not really sure what this space is about.

I think I started this as a place to play with and develop ideas about teaching with digital media. I think I probably also wanted some kind of online professional presence (not sure why). But those intentions really didn’t lead to any regular activity here. If this was intended to be a sandbox of sorts, I was the only one playing in it…which is fun at first, but then not really fun over time.

More recently, I’m thinking of this as a dialogic space. Perhaps not in the sense that conversations are held in the comments of posts; rather, maybe ideas get developed here in relationship to conversations with my students in class and my colleagues in the hallway, on Twitter, and at conferences. Playing with others is more fun.

I guess that’s what this space is about.

My boys showing me how to “play Amazing Alex” in the driveway.

A note on the banner pic.

My boys created this Lego scene for me. I’m getting coffee. They are members of the Mandalorian Death Watch. Pretty typical stuff around here.